Hill View Junior Academy

Best for the children



Use the websites to investigate Christianity. Complete any interactive games or quizzes.



Then, once you have completed the activities on the websites, complete the tasks below.

Your task is to create a new religion.

  • What would it be called?
  • What would your 10 commandments be? Write them down.
  • What symbol would represent your religion? Draw it!
  • What special days would you have? When would they be? What would they celebrate?
  • Would your religion have a Holy Book? What would it be called? What would be included in the book? Draw it!
  • Are there any special buildings that your religion has? What features does it have? Draw them!

Use a page in your book for each task or you might want to use power point to present your ideas.


You can use the websites above to learn about other religions too. Complete the interactive tasks and quizzes as you go along.


April 23rd St. George’s Day

Celebrate St George’s day on the 23rd April by completing the tasks below.