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Hill View Junior Academy

Best for the children

Meet Our Staff


Mrs H Sutton - Headteacher
Mrs A Ross - Deputy Headteacher
Mrs C Hiles -

Assistant Headteacher, SENCO & 4HH


Year 6

Mrs C Connifey


6CC, Head of Year 6 & RE Lead

Miss S Yates


6SY & Wellbeing & Mental Health, PHSE Lead

Miss E Dixon



Mrs P Gorman


6PG & Design Technology Lead

Mrs K Wilson



Mrs S Carr - Year 6 HLTA

Year 5

Mrs T Gladden - 5TG, Head of Year 5 & HLTA/TA Line Manager
Miss G Maxfield - 5GM & Music Lead
Miss A White - 5AW
Mr P Henderson - 5PH & PE Lead
Mrs D Gleghorn - Year 5 HLTA
Mrs T Smith - Year 5 HLTA

Year 4

Mrs J Speck - 4JS, Head of Year 4 & Reading Lead
Mr K Ogilvie - 4KO & Computing Lead
Miss K Earnshaw - 4KE & Pupil Premium Lead
Mrs L Hedley - 4HH & Science Lead
Mrs C Hiles - 4HH, Assistant Headteacher & SENCO
Mrs T Sinclair - Year 4 HLTA

Year 3

Mr B Turnbull - 3BT, Head of Year 3 & Writing Lead
Miss A McKenna - 3AM & History Lead
Mr D Wadsworth - 3DW & Maths Lead
Mrs L Nell - 3LN & Geography Lead
Mrs J Laing - Year 3 HLTA

Multi-Year Group Staff

Mrs A Prendergast - Art Lead
Mrs J Carr - Anti-Bullying Lead

Teaching Assistants

Mrs K Chapman  (Y6)    Mrs W Blyth (Y5)
Mrs K Skillings  (Y3) Mrs A Underwood (Y4)
 Mrs K Cooling (Y4)   Miss R Elder (Y3)
 Mrs M Cook (Y3)  

Office Staff

Mrs H Howat - Office Manager
Mrs A Fox - Administrative Assistant
Mrs L Reeves - Business and Finance Manager      

Site Manager

Mr D Craggs

Lunchtime Care Assistants   

Mrs M Cook - Midday Supervisor
Miss R Carr
Mrs C Morris
Mrs K Butler
Mrs A McGovern

Mrs D Jaggers
Mrs S Begum
Mrs Y Sayers