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Hill View Junior Academy

Best for the children

Welcome to Year 5!

There is a big change for the children this year as they finally get to head up stairs! On their learning journey in Year 5, they will experience a range of rewarding opportunities such as visits to Beamish Museum and Broom House Farm. Children also get to extend their sporting experiences by taking part in the Ashbrooke Cricket Festival, working with the Newcastle Eagles and learning all about bike safety through the ‘Bikeability’ course as well as having swimming lessons at Southmoor Academy.

In addition to the new challenges in English and maths, children will be studying the Victorians, in particular allowing them to take pride in their local community and gain an understanding of their heritage; this will include learning about the local mining and shipbuilding industries.

Ensure you keep watching this page to keep up to date with all the exciting things happening in Year 5!

RLNI Visit

This week Year 5 had a visit from two lifeguards from the RNLI. The children learned about how to keep safe in the sea, including the different flags they might see at the beach and what they mean. They also discussed the dangers of swimming in the sea and the equipment that is used to save someone who is in trouble. Fantastic life lessons were learned!

The Happy Puzzle Company

This week the ‘Happy Puzzle Company’ visited our school! We had to work together in groups to solve lots of hard maths problems and challenging brainteasers. Some were so difficult that even our teachers struggled to figure them out but we ALL had great fun!

Year 5 Art

Year 5 have had a great week finishing our art project. As part of our art in nature topic, we imprinted leaves onto clay, taking care to ensure that all the leaf veins were clearly visible. We allowed them to dry for a week or so. Then we painted and glazed them thinking about autumn colours. The finished results are ‘AMAZING’!

Kite Flying in Year 5!

It has been an incredible week in Year 5 this week!

We have had a lot of fun creating some unbelievable kites in

support of anti-bullying. We designed our kites first then used

different materials to build them, and then in between

rain showers, some of us were finally lucky enough to fly them!

Watch out ‘Sunderland International Kite Flying Festival’ here we come!


The Victorian Hall Disaster

In Year 5 we have been studying the Victorian Hall disaster (Mowbray Park, Sunderland), where 183 children were killed on Saturday 16th June, 1883. During our lessons and for homework we have written a newspaper report about the disaster and created posters advertising the show that the 183 children and many others attended.

Y5 Visit Beamish

Recently, Year 5 enjoyed a day at Beamish museum where we found out more about life in Victorian times to support our learning in school, in History. We experienced what it was like to work down the mines, a way of life for many families in our local community in the past. In the town, we found out about the imperial money system in the Co-op grocers and hardware store. Finally, we did a traditional school lesson, practising the 3 Rs and learning about Grace Darling, a significant figure in our local heritage. We had to enter in complete silence for the school ma’am - she even sent some of the girls back outside for talking in the line! However, a great day was had by all.

PE in Y5

5TS took part in a PE session with The Newcastle Eagles. The children enjoyed learning how to play basketball from such a skilled coach. They began to learn the rules of the game and worked in groups to see who could score 10 baskets first. Then they got into pairs to practise bouncing the ball and passing to each other. They all really enjoyed the afternoon.

Maths in Y5

This week, in maths, we have been using concrete resources to help us with our learning. We have had fun with the ‘Base-10’ equipment and ‘Place-value’ counters; these have helped us to find the value four- and five-digit numbers.