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Hill View Junior Academy

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Welcome to Year 6


Welcome to Year 6, the final chapter of education at Hill View Junior Academy where the staff are ready for another year of learning and fun. The Year is filled with exciting opportunities and rewarding experiences all of which will allow the children to build happy and fond memories of their last year of primary school. From residential visits to Derwent Hill; sporting competitions and tournaments; to the challenges of SATs, this year will have something for everyone.

 Year 6 are split across four register classes and are taught in maths and English sets on a morning. Many children experience being taught by several members of staff; a great step on the transition towards secondary school.

 Teachers set homework weekly which is given on a Thursday and expected to be brought back in by Tuesday of the following week. Spellings are set on Monday and tested on Friday. We expect reading books in school everyday and to be changed once a week. We would appreciate your support in signing your child’s reading diary on a regular basis.

 In Year 6 we expect the children to work hard, but in return they will be rewarded with skills for life, lasting friendships and the independence they will need to thrive on the next chapter of their learning journey.

Year 6 Staff

Teaching staff Non-teaching Staff

6BT - Mr Turnbull (Year Leader)

6CF - Miss Fletcher

6JS - Mrs Sawyer

6DW - Mr Wadsworth


Mrs Laing (HLTA)

Mrs Chapman



Our Curriculum

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What have we been up to?

Heugh Battery Visit

Year 6 had a brilliant time at the Heugh Battery Museum in Hartlepool. The trip rounded off both topics of WW1 and WW2, allowing the children to get hands on with artefacts and experiencing life in the trenches. The children did themselves proud, showing off their knowledge and understanding to museum staff!

World War 2 has started....for year 6 that is!

 Year 6 have kicked off their new history topic of World War 2 with a brilliant interactive day where they got the chance to handle artifacts, have a go at some practical activities and immerse themselves in the historical events. They day was loved by all!

Winter Gardens Museum – World War 1 Commemorative Banner


Year 6 concluded their World War 1 topic by creating a beautiful commemorative banner, which is on display in the Winter Garden Museum.  To further mark the centenary of the Great War, they have also produced other pieces of artwork, which are dotted throughout the museum. Take a trip down while it is on display and see if you can spot your child’s work!

Macmillan Cancer Cake Baking

While most of Year 6 were off to Derwent Hill, those of us who stayed behind had an important job to do! We spent many hours baking, making and decorating cakes and biscuits for the World's Biggest Coffee Morning through Macmillan Cancer. We had great fun and had no cakes or biscuits left by the end of the sale!