Year 3



        Mr B Turnbull


      Miss A McKenna


    Mrs L Nell


    Mr D Wadsworth


Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome to Year 3, your very first year at Hill View Junior Academy and we are all so excited to have you with us. Year 3 is a year filled with fascinating topics and great experiences. You will be amazed by the Ancient Egyptians and even get a visit from a pharaoh before discovering everything you need to know about light and shadow. Whilst learning all about healthy eating we will get to visit the bungalow where we will design and make our very own healthy dishes! You will also become technical wizards in Year 3 as you get your very own iPad to use in a variety of different lessons to help show your learning. Things might be new to start with, but we are sure you will settle in quickly and begin a brilliant chapter of learning here at the juniors.


Click here to download the latest update for homework in Year 3


Year 3 are refining their tennis skills in PE this half term. So far we have looked at how to hold the racket, how to serve and how to hit the ball to their partner. We will be building our skills to where we are able to have a rally with a friend. You may see us in Wimbledon in years to come!

Design Technology- Worry Monster Finger Puppets.


We have been getting creative in design technology this half term. We designed a worry monster finger puppet which allowed us to practice a running stitch to create some fantastic products. We are so pleased with how they have turned out! Check out our pictures to see what we created.

Art Pattern

Year 3 have been learning all about pattern in art. We have been looking at pattern in nature and how there is pattern all around us. We then took inspiration and used pencil and pastel to create our own patterns. Look at our fantastic work!  

English Writing

Non-chronological reports: Tigers

Year 3 have been learning all about tigers as part of their English writing. These magnificent mammals became the focus of non-chronological report writing. The children were tasked with producing these reports to accompany animal adoption packs and appeal to the younger audience. Check out some of their work which has made an excellent display in the corridor.


Science - Magnets

Year 3 have been learning all about forces and magnets. In their most recent science lesson they got hands on with magnets to investigate magnetic and non-magnetic materials. It was such good fun and they learnt lots of new science vocabulary too! Here are some pictures of them being busy scientists using the magnets in their lesson.



For the past two weeks, year 3 have started their learning of Europe in geography. We have been learning about the shape of the Earth, the two hemispheres of the Earth and what the ‘Equator’ is. The children have started to use a range of resources including atlases and google maps to locate the Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere and the Equator! We have even managed to identify Europe on a map and have started to look at which countries belong to this continent. Perhaps you could look at Europe on a map to spot any countries you might have visited in the past?

The Christmasaurus

In English this half term, year 3 have been exploring the Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher. The children have investigated the characters, searched the book fantastic vocabulary and looked at some of the features Tom uses to interest the reader.

We then wrote our own version of the story and used our watercolour skills to illustrate. We hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them!

Merry Christmas!


Ancient Egypt History Workshop

We had a brilliant Ancient Egyptian themed day delivered by Ari, the Egyptian embalmer. We learnt all about the mummification process, how to write in hieroglyphics, studied artefacts and even played some of the world’s oldest board games. It was a great day and helped to round off our Ancient Egyptians history topic.

Working Practically in Maths

Year 3 have been working hard in maths securing many new skills. Using the concrete resources and practical equipment helped many of the children to fully understand what they were doing. Counters, cubes and money all helped them achieve their learning objectives this week.


Backhouse Park Autumn Walk

Year 3 went on a recent walk to Backhouse Park to find all things autumnal. Whilst there we spotted squirrels and parakeets too! Our walk enabled us to write some excellent recounts in our English lessons. Here are some photographs of our action packed morning.

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