Year 5

2021- 2022


Mrs t gladden








Welcome to Year 5!

At Hill View Junior Academy, Year 5 is the only year group that is situated upstairs in the building, and this year you get to venture up there! In the first term you are going to learn lots about different and exciting topics, from the Victorians, where we get to visit Beamish Museum in County Durham, to studying our Solar System and everything within it. Also during your time with us, we will be taking a look at Sunderland’s shipbuilding past and the Titanic disaster that occurred in the early 19th century. Maybe your grown-ups know some fascinating facts about these? Later on in the year, you will be designing and creating your very own platform computer games, and then playing them, not only your own, but each other’s too! We have also acquired lots of new musical instruments this term, so it is going to be a noisy (we mean melodious) couple of terms! There is so much more that we intend to do this year, and the Year 5 team cannot wait share it with you!


Please click here for the latest updates to Year 5 homework!


In art, we have been studying William Morris and have used our printing skills to create a repeated pattern. We used a blunt pencil to indent our designs onto our polystyrene tiles and then repeated our design to create a repeated pattern. We had to make sure we pressed firmly enough to create the design (but without making our tile break!). Look at our amazing William Morris inspired final prints!


Science Week 2022

This week was British Science Week, a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths! To celebrate this in Year 5, we decided to partake in some weird and wonderful experiments, using every day household items. We made gooey Oobleck, Rainbow Milk, Fizzing Colours and Oily Fireworks! The children thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon, and have all found true awe and wonder in science!



In our Geography lessons in Year 5, we have been looking at climate change. For homework, the children were asked to complete a study on Greta Thunberg. Here are some examples of our children’s work.

Internet Safety Day

On Tuesday 8th February, the children in Year 5 took part in National Safer Internet Day.

We looked at different ways to stay safe when gaming and using the internet.

Here are some of the gaming guides we created.


Geography-Extreme Earth!

In Year 5 this half term, our new unit of work is ‘Extreme Earth’. This is where we are learning about the destructive powers of nature; from volcanoes and earthquakes to tsunamis and tornadoes. Through discussion and practical tasks, Year 5 will learn about how and why these natural phenomena occur, and the ways in which they affect people and the environment.


In our PE lessons this week, we have been practising our netball skills. We have used feinting to mislead our opponents and we have looked at using the chest pass, shoulder pass and bounce pass. After we practiced these skills, we then used them in mini games of netball! Take a look…


This week, in Year five, we have been learning about air resistance. The first, and most important thing, we had to do was create a team name for our group. We had names such as the Super Scientists, the Eggtraordinaires, the Albert Einsteins, the Eggcellent Egg-savers and the Parachuting Pros. We then went outside with different sized parachutes to compare their surface area; this helped us to understand the affect it had on air resistance. After that, our brief was to create a parachute, to get an egg from the top of the stairs to the bottom safely and without breaking it! Have a look at how we got on!


This year in Year 5, as you are probably aware the children have had the opportunity to go swimming at Southmoor Academy; this term it has been 5TG’s turn. The instructors have catered for children who can already swim but need to refine their techniques, and also helped those children who are less confident in the water. In addition to learning this all important life skill, the children have had lots of fun and have thoroughly enjoyed this part of the Year 5 curriculum. It has gone swimmingly!

Year 5 Art

In our art lessons, we have been looking at drawing objects in nature. We started by sketching the outlines of leaves, flowers and animals and then begun to use our shading skills with various pencil gradients and watercolour skills to complete them.

This week, we have rolled, carved and sculpted these objects using clay. We will then add paint to them next week. Thanks to Mr Garside for helping us!


In Year 5 this half term, we visited Beamish, in County Durham. This allowed us to consolidate our learning within English and History, discovering more about what life was like for a Victorian child.

Throughout our day, we visited many sites across the museum; including the Victorian school, the farm, and the houses in the miner’s village, where we played with some Victorian toys! Many of us, decided to explore the coal mine, and experienced what it was like working deep underground, in darkness, at all hours of the day!

To end our trip on a very sweet note, lots of the children were very excited to receive some delicious sweets from ‘Jubilee Confectioners’!

Year 5 had a wonderful day, and they are very much looking forward to visiting Beamish again!