Year 6

2021 - 2022






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Welcome to Year 6!

This is your final year at Hill View Junior Academy and we hope to make it a very special and memorable one. There are different trips and activities over the year, including our visit to Derwent Hill in December for a week of fun in the outdoors. A highlight of our learning this year is our focus on WW1 and WW2 where you will learn about the impact of the war on the world but also in our local area. It is a great opportunity to share stories about people in your own families and the roles they had in the war. As the year progresses, you will get ready for the SATs tests. But do not fear, by the time SATs arrive, the teachers will have prepared you so well you will be ready to do your best. In the summer term, you will have opportunities prepare for the transition to your chosen secondary school.


Click here to download the latest updates to Year 6 homework!

Anti Bullying News


On Monday 4th April, our year 6 Anti-Bullying Crew had the opportunity to attend the State of the City Debate at Sunderland City Hall, hosted by Sunderland Youth Parliament and Together for Children. The debate allows young people to discuss important issues and the varied topics covered included the cost of living crisis, hybrid working, renewable energies, access to mental health treatment and the environment. Our children were the youngest to attend but were not deterred from making many valued contributions to the debate. A vote was then held to establish that health and wellbeing will be the focus of Youth Parliament’s efforts over the next year. It was wonderful to see the children so engaged in the issues facing our local communities, well done for being such great ambassadors for Hill View Junior Academy.

British Science Week


This week, Year 6 have enjoyed taking part in small science investigations as part of British Science Week.  Initially, the children investigated the conditions in which living things grow by setting up the Mouldy Bread Experiment. After leaving our bread under various different conditions, we are using our scientific observation skills to monitor any growth.  Our observations continue…

Additionally, the children worked in pairs/small groups to plan and make their own flying machine. They threw their aircraft several times and considered why some flew further than others. Here are some of our amazing creations:


World Book Day

Last week in year 6 we had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day! The children and staff dressed up as their favourite book characters (including Gangster Granny, Violet Beauregarde and the dinosaur from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series). We watched an online World Book Day assembly which included a special interview with the Children’s Laureate Cressida Cowell (author of the How to Train your Dragon series) and celebrated our favourite stories and authors. Some children even won smileys by winning our World Book Day quiz!

At the end of the day, the children were all given their World Book Day voucher. We know that lots of you have been out and spent these already, how exciting to be able to take home a lovely new book for free!


Our current theme in PSHE across the school is ‘Dreams & Goals’.

In Year 6, we began the term by creating our own goals that we can work towards achieving by the end of the school year. We tried to break our goals into steps so that we could be proud of our journey along the way and have reflected on our progress so far. Some of us have even achieved them already!

Over the last few weeks, we widened our ideas and we thought about our dreams for the world. We talked about ‘fairness’ and what that means to different people, especially those who we might consider less fortunate than ourselves. We discussed how inequality makes us feel and how we can make small steps to help improve our planet and the people who live here.

Take a look below at the some fantastic dreams we had for the world…


During PE this half term, we have enjoyed developing our netballs skills. We have been able to improve our accuracy when throwing the ball and we are becoming better at intercepting the ball from the opposite team. We have really enjoyed playing mini tournaments within our class and are even beginning to master the rule of not moving when in possession of the ball!  



In year 6 this half term, we have moved on to learn about WW2 in history. We have learnt about the key events leading up to the war and during it. The children have enjoyed learning about rationing and designing their own rationing poster! So far, we have found it really interesting and have been asking many questions. Some children have even brought in information from home about family members who lived during WW2. Remember, if you have anything you would like to share with us, we would love to see it!

Derwent Hill and a fun week in school!


It has been a fun second to last week of the autumn term for year 6 children. Some of the year group have travelled to Derwent Hill with the rest of the children staying in school for a jam packed week of fun!

The children in Derwent Hill have had the opportunity to experience a range of different things: gorge walking, canoeing, mountain walks and orienteering to name but a few! They have all had a fantastic time and made memories to last a lifetime!

While in school, there has been lots of craft making, art and even baking! The children have all really enjoyed their different week and I’m sure they are all feeling festive and ready for the Christmas break.

Merry Christmas year 6!


During the autumn term, we have been learning how to draw in perspective.  We started with simple shapes disappearing to a single vanishing point.  We then moved on to drawing landscapes in perspective.  After drawing the horizon and vanishing points, we drew other objects, making sure that the ones in the foreground were larger than the ones in the background. Following this, we took inspiration from the colour used by the artist Paul Klee and completed a cityscape colour wheel. We had to make sure that we drew the buildings in perspective, as well as mix the primary and secondary colours.

Finally, we used a different medium: clay.  Can you see the perspective on our fantastic, colourful clay tiles?


History- WW1


In history this term we have enjoyed learning about World War 1. We learned about empires and colonies, and how these contributed to the long term causes of the war. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand then started the domino effect and we learned that within months lots of the major colonies had declared war! We also considered the impact which the war had on Sunderland specifically and spent some time producing leaflets to show the impact on Sunderland in every year of the war- doesn’t our work look fantastic! We now know lots about the conditions which soldiers endured in the trenches during the war and how their uniform was designed to protect them from the cold as well as the enemy.


The 11th of November was a special day in school and around the world. We produced poppy themed art work to show how the poppy is important in remembrance. We have even had a poppy stall in school which some of our year 6 children have been running to help raise money!


Sky Song

During our Year 6 English Lessons, we have been reading the exciting adventure novel Sky Song. It is a magical story about two young children who are on a mission to save the kingdom of Erkenwald from the rule of the evil Ice Queen. In our lessons, we have read the first few chapters together and used the descriptive language to create images of the Ice Queen. Next, we worked to write a section of the narrative using speech to move the story on. We have worked really hard to check our punctuation during our editing sections.

Year 6 are continuing to read Sky Song as part of our class novel, we have also spent some time learning all about the author – Abi Elphinstone. Researching information about her has allowed us to produce some fantastic biographies including facts about her early life and career.


“Sky Song is a book full of adventure and fantasy that will make you want to journey to the Arctic,” Class 6SY.


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