Medical Conditions


Hill View Junior Academy is committed to supporting pupils with medical needs and follow the procedures set out in the Department of Health guidelines published in September 2014.


If your child has any medical conditions and/or medical needs then please let the school know as soon as possible so we can your support your child effectively. Please contact Mrs R Bell (Assistant Headteacher and Managaing Medicines Lead) to arrange an appointment to discuss further. 


Key information about Medication 
  • Medication that is prescribed for three times a day should be managed at home before school, after school and before bed. 
  • A care plan must be completed before medication can be administered and this can be done by arranging an appointment with Mrs R Bell. 
  • Hill View Junior Academy will only administer prescribed medication, with a clear pharmacist label which has the name of the child and doseage clearly shown. No over the counter or off the shelf medication will be administered.
  • The medication needs to be brought when completing the care plan. 
  • All medication is stored in approved medical cabinets or a dedicated fridge. Inhalers and auto-injectors are kept in the child’s class. The school also holds emergency inhalers and auto-injectors if required.
  • It is a parents/carers responsibility to ensure that all medications are in date and checked on a regular basis.


Dietary Requirements

If your child requires a specific diet owing to a medical need and you would like them to have a school dinner, we can ask the caterers to provide specially prepared meals. Please contact the school office and ask to make an appointment with Mrs Bell in the first instance. 


Revelant Letters (hard copies are available in the office) 

Indivdual Healthcare Plan

Pupil Medication Administration Record

Letter to Notify School of Medical Needs

Asthma Record and Consent Form 

Consent to use school emergency salbutamol inahler 


Other Relevant Documents 

Supporting Children with Medical Conditions Policy

Asthma Policy 

Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions (DfE Guidance)

Guidance on the use of emergency salbutamol inhalers in schools (Department of Health Guidance)

NHS advice on whether a child should attend school if ill